Real Mum Stories

When you become a mum your world changes. Heck, things start shifting from the time you decide to try for a child, or the time that you find out you are pregnant (surprise anyone?). The truth is that NOTHING can ever prepare you.

It’s time for us mums to lift the lid on motherhood and tell our truth.

Are you ready to tell your story in your words?

We welcome the real, the raw, the vulnerable, the uplifting, the hilarious and everything in-between – as long as it’s 100% you and you live on the Central Coast (or in the Newcastle or Hunter regions). There is a mama out there right now waiting to hear YOUR story.

We guarantee that telling your story will be cathartic for you AND you will be helping a fellow coast mum to know she’s not alone – because you can bet that if you are going through it, someone else is too.

Be brave mamas. Tell your real mum story!

How does it work?

  1. Pick part of your journey that you would like to share. It can be anything motherhood related such as conception, pregnancy, preparing for baby, birth, parenthood etc. Or it can be about a particular topic related to being a mum such as your life as a stay at home mum, post pregnancy body, PND, juggling work and mumhood etc. Perhaps you could tell us about what motherhood has taught you, why self care has become so important for you, your favourite parts of motherhood, how you survived sleep deprivation (or if you are still struggling) , your journey through loss, how you juggle work and motherhood, or how you have learned to love your post pregnancy body. It can be as general or specific as you like and it doesn’t have to be positive…just real!
  2. Write and submit your story below. We are happy to polish it up for you so don’t sweat the finer details.
  3. Email any photos to be included through to with the heading “Your Name – Real Mum Story Pics”.
  4. Your story will be reviewed and if it is accepted we will share it on social media, on our website as a blog post and in emails to everyone who has joined #themummovement.

If you find it easier to email everything through rather than filling out the form below, please send all your material to

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Real Mum Stories
Include info like where you live, how many kids you have, about your family, your background, what your interests are, career, what lights you up, your personality etc.
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