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Australiana themed children’s posters for your little loves

When it comes to décor for your children’s bedrooms, Regan knows all too well that sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why she set out to design and print her own range of gorgeous Australiana themed posters and start Bluey & Bonza Posters (what an awesome niche!). Think vegemite sandwiches, babyccinos, and coastal caravan adventures – your child’s little peace of Aus in their bedroom. Regan is passionate about having her posters evoke positive feeling about our own experiences or childhood memories, and then associating those with our own children’s precious initial years. Make sure you check out her special offer so you can deck out your own little one’s bedroom.


Receive $5 off each A3 poster you purchase from Bluey & Bonza Posters. Offer valid until 31 July 2018.  Please use code MCCA3 at checkout.

Tell us all about Bluey & Bonza Posters.

We offer A4 + A3 wide ranging, Australiana experience based and themed children’s posters. A2 sizes are available on order and personalisation is also available on request. As a bonus to Aussie based customers we also include p&p in the price when shipping domestically. We’re proudly Aussie based and developed!

Why did you choose to create your business?

I was pregnant with my second child and was looking for something new for his bedroom. When I didn’t find anything I resonated with – having a long career in design I thus went about designing my own!

Tell us about the process of opening Bluey & Bonza Posters.

As above, I also wanted to combine my love for art and design with my other love… Australia. Having lived in England for 4-years I know how much I missed the landscape and people of our amazing country. I thought about all the Mums and Dads that are re-located overseas due to work or family and how nice it would be for them to have a little slice of something Australian in their child’s room(s).

What has been your most popular product?

Our ‘Miss Fairy Bread’ poster for girls, ‘Rowdy Kooka’ gender neutral, ‘Broom Broom’ for boys. My posters are effectively ‘Australiana themed’, but in saying that the designs are not stock generic format in the main. They are more about evoking a certain positive feeling or memory about our own experiences or childhood memories and then associating those with our own children’s precious initial years.

How does your business help or cater to mums and their families?        

Having a slice of Australia in your child’s bedroom whether you are located in LA, Canada, London, or be it Coffs Harbour, Bondi or Gosford!

What do you feel makes your products different?

I have not found anything like my posters on the market. Many are very whimsical, female focused or have quotes that have been re-used over and over (thanks kmart).

I wanted simple, original, fun, gender neutral, and designs for boys included (as well as girls). I guess I just didn’t want anything too fussy. Somewhat repeating my point from a couple of questions previously, what sets us apart from others? The designs are not stock generic format and are more about evoking our own positive memories and passing on their association to our children.

In the new millennium and thanks to the internet and social media (amongst other vices), a child’s innocence can be lost far too soon – something we ourselves didn’t worry about as children. I’m hoping we can help extend these times of innocence for today’s kids with happy instance, constant associated visuals hanging on their wall.

Describe how you feel when a customer purchases from you.

Proud and very, very thankful. When starting out it’s always a weighing concern will people engage with the business concept and the initial available designs? The sales we have made so far have given me the hope and belief there is a market there for B&B and provides that additional encouragement and funding to develop further designs then keep going. That isn’t possible without those kind initial customers who have engaged/are engaging with us in supporting B&B. Thank you, we sincerely appreciate it!

What’s something about your business that people may not know?

I’m incredibly hands on in literally EVERY aspect. From thinking up the concept, to creating the initial range of designs, to building and designing our website & social media platforms that promote the business, to packing and shipping orders. It all has been/is done in house by me and me alone….the true definition of an Aussie sole trader!

What are you most proud of in your business journey so far?

That it actually happened! Two little grommets can make working very slow. Hello breast-feeding and designing at the same time. That all my posters are designed and printed in Australia, very important for me.

What do you love most about your business?

I can work from home and work it in-between breastfeeding, sleeps, and school runs.

What’s next for your business?

Keep designing and adding to the collection. Next round I will be focussing on sport. I will add posters with each season i.e.: football season, ski season, cricket season. Wide reach concepts for the Australian domestic and expat community across the globe.

I am hoping to eventually set up a stand at the Gift Trade Show, and then to have some local stockist at some of the great baby and children stores here on the Coast. Of course it would be great to get involved in some of the fantastic markets that we have close by on a more regular basis. I will be at the Shelly Beach Markets in June.

What is your favourite thing to do when you get some alone time?

I am a Mum to two young boys… so I have so say… SLEEP!

No seriously if I did have some down time I love to see a stage show in Sydney or visit the galleries, lunch with a friend (child free) or read a book.


We’ve been living on the Central Coast for almost 2-years now since re-locating from beautiful Bondi, which we do miss at times it’s fair to say due to the large circle of friends we’d built there over the years. But at the same time we’re loving our new space and quieter environment on the Central Coast. I am married, my husband is English. We have two bright little boys whom we adore. I have lived all over Sydney and spent 4 years in London. I completed my design degree at University of Newcastle and a Marketing degree at University of Newcastle Business School. I have been a Graphic Designer for over 15 years and I am passionate about all things design and of course art. I have studied a lot about Australian artists at University and also for my HSC.



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