Coast Living

Hands up who enjoys getting out of the house, with or without the kids.

We really are blessed to live on the Central Coast. But sometimes it’s hard to know the best places to go with the children, or the best spots that we as mums should be hanging out.

For those of us who have only lived here a short time it can be even harder.

It’s time to help a mama out and clue us in on your favourite hangouts (yes, places where you can go alone!) and best family friendly finds. We want to know about your top secret hidden treasures, and the not so secret finds that mums need to know about. We’re talking cafes, walks, parks, beaches, activities, classes, places to get pampered, shops…..anything we mamas NEED to discover.

We’re on a mission to help mums discover the best that the Central Cost has to offer.

Sharing is caring, right? We’ve got your back mamas!

How does it work?

  1. Fill in the form below disclosing all the details of your local find. We are happy to polish the wording up for you so don’t sweat the finer details.
  2. Email any photos to be included through to with the heading “Your Name – Coast Living”.
  3. We will share it on social media, on our website as a blog post and in #themummovement emails.

If you find it easier to email everything through rather than filling out the form below, please send all your material to

Share your local find

Coast Living
About your family, what you like to do when you have alone time, what you like to do as a family, how long you have lived on the Central Coast etc.
Where is it, why you love it, how to access it, is it family friendly, what ages. Bonus points if you tell us a story about how you or your family have enjoyed this place.
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