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Decluttering and organising one home at a time on the Central Coast

“Where does this go?” “Where can I find X?” How many times has your partner (or your children) asked you one of these super annoying questions? Want it to STOP? If you’re anything like me I bet you do! Bron from Intentional Homes says it’s time get decluttering and organising to create more peaceful, practical and purposeful homes. And it’s time to put a stop to the annoying question. She gets down and dirty with you to offer you solutions for storage challenges and help you on your way to living with less clutter. Can I get an amen?! Read on to find out all about her heart centred business and how you can save 20% and get her into your home.


Receive 20% off your initial 90-minute kick start session when booking for 2.5 hours or longer. Must be used by 31 August 2018. Mention Mums of the Central Coast at the time of booking. 

Tell us all about Intentional Homes and the services you offer.

Through Intentional Homes I work with my clients, decluttering and organising to create more peaceful, practical and purposeful home spaces. I work alongside my clients, offering solutions for storage challenges and gently guiding them towards living with less clutter and more peace.

What inspired you to start Intentional Homes?

I have always been an organised person, and I’ve always seen the value in letting go of items that are no longer serving me any purpose. A little over a year ago, after friends began asking me to come and help them declutter and get organised, a friend of mine pointed out the fact that I could use this gift to start a business and help others. I was overjoyed at the thought and passionate about helping others live more intentionally, so this is how Intentional Homes began.

Tell us about the process of opening Intentional Homes.  

The practical side of working alongside clients to declutter and organise came completely naturally to me, but the thought of building a website, social media and marketing was a little overwhelming. I utilised the services of a business coach and was open to suggestions and advice from others. It certainly has taught me a lot. Then I set to work as clients engaged my services, and this is the part I love the most.

What is your most popular service?

Although I offer a wide variety of services, the most popular would probably be decluttering and organising in the kitchen, particularly in the pantry. This is a room that is utilised many times a day, often by all family members, so it needs some extra TLC.

How does Intentional Homes cater to local Mums?

Being intentional in life is a key value of mine. And being a mum means that I understand the challenges and stresses that life can bring to families, and how this can impact the home. Putting aside the time to create purposeful spaces as well as not knowing where to begin or how to tackle the clutter can be enough to stop someone from even trying. But that’s where Intentional Homes can help. My clients and I set aside a mutually arranged time, and I offer them skills and strategies to use while I’m there, and to continue with once I leave.

What do you feel makes your services different from others?

Being invited into someone’s home is a privilege I don’t take lightly. I bring with me experience and sensitivity and offer practical and professional assistance. I am gentle in my approach, following the client’s lead, but offering advice and guidance along the way.

Describe how you feel when customers are inspired by your work or your social media posts.

I am overjoyed when I hear that someone has been inspired as a result of Intentional Homes through my social media posts or work completed in their home. I know I am making a difference when someone says they made a change in their home after reading a blog post or hearing from a friend who had engaged my services. Their inspiration inspires me!

What’s something about your business that people may not know?

I actually come to your home and help with the process. I always work alongside my client, and never make them get rid of anything they don’t want to. Some people believe I go to their home when they are out and remove items from their home…this couldn’t be further from the truth.

What are you most proud of in your business journey so far?

Being able to journey with people, offering a listening ear when they need it, while making a physical and practical difference in their home.

What do you love most about your business?

Finishing a job and seeing the joy it brings my clients to have clear and purposeful spaces in their homes.

What’s next for your business?

I love to support other local businesses and work alongside them to achieve the goal of helping people live more intentionally. As Intentional Homes grows, my goal is to further support and encourage others, while continuing to make a difference one home at a time.

What is your favourite thing to do when you get some alone time?        

I love to take photos, particularly of children and beautiful landscapes. Children have such a precious natural joy and living on the coast offers so much scope for landscape photography.


I am married to Joel (17 years married), have 3 energetic and incredible sons and a Golden Retriever puppy. I trained as an Early Childhood Educator and have spent many years teaching young children. My claim to fame is travelling to Italy with the Australian Schoolgirls team to play soccer. Soccer took me to many parts of Australia (and some overseas) when I was younger, and I’m so grateful for the experience.




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