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Fresh fruit and veg delivered to your door with a whole lot of HEART

Does fresh fruit and veg delivered to your door sound like a brilliant idea? Well Anna and her husband thought so when they decided to embark on their new adventure, Fresha Options Fruit and Veg, almost a year ago. When they say fresh, they mean fresh. Like hand-picked from the markets kinda fresh. They aren’t just any old delivery service though. Their business has a whole lot of heart. “We have a lot of elderly customers who prefer to call us up with their orders and this is great! We give them special treatment like cutting up their pumpkin, their pineapple and other fruit. When we deliver to them we spend that extra bit of time to chat with them. At the end of the day what we do is really a service to community. We create goodwill, develop friendships, provide people with healthy food and an opportunity to have more family time.”


Receive a free box of free range eggs with their first order. Minimum order is $35.00.

Tell us all about your Fresha Options Fruit and Veg.

Our business is called Fresha Options Fruit and Veg. It specialises in home delivery of fruit and veg. We do not have a fruit and veg shop open to the public, rather we have a warehouse with a cold room in Tumbi Umbi. People order their fruit and veg on our website (or by calling us), and only after we have gathered all orders do we then go to the Sydney Markets to buy only what was ordered. We then pack people’s orders in our packing facility, then deliver them straight to people’s homes. We don’t keep stock, we buy everything fresh twice a week.

You are free to order our pre-made boxes or create your own box (you choose exactly what goes into your box) or you can also choose fruit and veg individually. We are very flexible. More importantly we are very FRESH!

What inspired you to create your business?

We decided to buy an existing business because my husband and I believe that more and more people are looking to buying things online as it saves time and yes, even money. Being a very busy Mum myself, I know how difficult it can be to go to the shops repeatedly to buy food, especially when you have to take the children with you everywhere you go. The idea of CONVENIENCE, but more importantly the assurance of GOOD QUALITY, is what we believe makes this viable.

Tell us about the process of opening Fresha Options Fruit and Veg.

We took over an existing business owned by a couple who had been running it for 14 years. They wanted to move to other things and we were happy to begin something new. It was a challenge as everything was very new to us. Our mornings started very very early, especially on market run days.

It’s been 10 months now and we have grown, revised, put new systems in place that work for us and are presently trying to broaden our customer base.

What is your most popular offering?           

Our mixed fruit and veg boxes are most popular as you get a bit of everything and is enough for a family’s weekly requirements. Once people get used to getting our fresh produce each week it just becomes part of the food shopping process. It is so convenient as you don’t even have to be home to receive your box.

The other product that has proven to be very popular are our fruit gift baskets. The fresh fruits come in a basket and are wrapped very tastefully with a bow and card. They are a favourite gift when someone is ill, when someone has passed away, when one wants to say thank you, when one wants to say ‘I Love You’ (a lot of blokes received this as a gift on Valentine’s Day!), when one wants to say “Happy Birthday, I’m thinking of you”, or when friends want to help out a friend in need. It has proven to be such a versatile gift that we have also created one gift basket that includes both fruits and salad veg.

How does your business cater to Mums?   

Mums want the best for their family. We offer them the FRESHEST fruit and veg. You have to taste it to see the difference. Fresh produce translates into better tasting food. Fresh fruit and veg means healthy eating.

Mums are busy and so pressed for time. We offer them the convenience of home delivery. We are only an online order or phone call away. That way you have more time to attend to many other things other than going to the shops to do your shopping.

Mums have a budget to work with. Our prices are not much different from the prices of produce in the supermarkets or the fruit shops (sometimes even cheaper). And since our produce is so fresh, the fruit and veg lasts. This means less wastage which translates into better value for your money. We offer budget boxes ranging from $35 – $50. If you like to buy smaller quantities of veg we actually sell them by 250g portions.

What do you feel makes service different from others?

  1. For one we don’t stock up on anything. At the end of each packing day our store room is empty, and we begin fresh each time we go to the Markets (on Mondays and Wednesdays). So, when we say fresh we mean FRESH.
  2. We put a lot of importance on customer service. Each customer is important to us. Each one has different needs which we try to cater to which is why we created a “Create your Own Box” as one of our box options. This means more work for us as it is difficult to pack a custom-made box for each customer, but we like to deliver what we ourselves would like to receive.We like to get to know our customers and make them feel comfortable enough to send me us a message saying I am all out of food, please make up a box for me this week.
  3. We have a lot of elderly customers who prefer to call us up with their orders and this is great! We give them special treatment like cutting up their pumpkin, their pineapple and other fruit. When we deliver to them we spend that extra bit of time to chat with them.

At the end of the day what we do is really a service to community. We create goodwill, develop friendships, provide people with healthy food and an opportunity to have more family time.

Describe how you feel when a customer gives you great feedback.

It feels great! Truly, when people say “This is so fresh! This apple actually tastes like an apple! The veggies keep in my fridge and don’t go off in a day or 2” it makes our day!

When customers appreciate that there is actually a difference with the produce we supply and those bought from the local supermarkets – that makes our hard work all worthwhile.

What’s something about your business that people may not know?

We are extremely particular about quality. We pride ourselves with buying the freshest produce in the Markets. I love to cook, and I know for sure that the fresher your ingredients the better your food tastes. Let’s put it this way – I would never put a fruit or veg in a box if I myself would not be happy to receive it. Just to let you know – I pack each box myself so I am quality control 🙂

What are you most proud of in your business journey so far?

I am proud of making a name and building a reputation for good service and good quality. My husband, myself and our children are all working together to make this business what it is. It is hard work, but it is also very meaningful. We are building relationships with our customers and with that relationship comes trust that we will deliver what we promise.

What do you love most about your business?        

I love the fact that we are giving everyone the opportunity to have MARKET FRESH produce. I’m sure that given the chance many people would love to go to the Markets and see and buy everything so fresh themselves! But time constraints and distance make this very difficult if not impossible. So, our service is this – we literally go to the Markets for you. We have your order on hand and we pick and choose what you want, then pack it all for you. Then the icing on the cake? We deliver it to you for FREE! How good is that?

What’s next for your business?

Aside from fruit and veg, we have started branching out to making fresh fruit salads which we supply a few local cafes around the Coast. We have also making Cold Pressed Fruit and Veg Juices and experimenting with different flavour combinations. Again, nothing beats fresh! They are absolutely delicious not to mention the health benefits of juicing. We have had a very good response from selling these in the local Markets on weekends. They are also available to order on our website.

We would like to be able to offer our salads and fresh 100% fruit and veg juices at sporting grounds on the weekends to give kids healthier options after their games.

What is your favourite thing to do when you get some alone time?        

This may seem crazy, but I love to potter around the house and clean!


My name is Anna. I’ve lived on the Central Coast for the past 17 years. I’ve been married 29 years and have 7 beautiful children. I am passionate about keeping families strong and have for many years in the past organised Mum’s groups where we had guest speakers share insights/information to help Mum’s with their parenting, cooking, home management, time management, how to keep relationships strong and so on.

As the children were growing up I was very busy (like so many Mums out there!) with their activities in school, dancing and soccer.

At this point in our lives my husband and I decided to embark on a new adventure by taking over a local business on the Coast. It has been 10 months and what a ride it has been!



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