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Postnatal care for women

Written by Melissa Wright – Your Whole Body Health


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Vagina. There I said it. Now that I have your attention let’s talk about life AFTER giving birth. Things as you know it down there may be a little different since giving birth. Whether you have just had a baby or your babies are 20 years old or more you may need to see a women’s health physiotherapist.

Do you find that jumping, or skipping leaves you a little flustered due to lack of control in the bladder area?  Or perhaps sneezing or coughing leaves you feeling a little hot under the collar?

If you answered yes then it’s time to seek help.

This is my story

A Pilates instructor of 17yrs. Two beautiful daughters, one 14yrs and one 4yrs old. Not a problem at all with my first daughter, everything returned to normal fairly quickly.

Second daughter, not quite.

When my second daughter was about 1yr old I took up skipping again for my cardio fitness. I noticed that even if my bladder was completely empty I had some leakage. Now this was very embarrassing for me as Pilates instructor. I love to talk about the pelvic floor and teach correct recruitment to all my clients, males included.

So what was going on??

After confessing my problem to my husband and stressing over it for far too long I rang my lovely friend and women’s health Physio Liz Joyce and explained my situation. She assured me it was probably nothing too major and I booked in to see her as soon as I could.

While my regular Pilates practice kept me strong and supple throughout my pregnancy and  prepared me for all the holding, rocking and lifting you do once they are born, I needed help internally on deeper level.  So off I went.

She started out with very gentle visceral work and then said ”we need to do some internal work” which I thought would happen. A little embarrassing but I trust and respect her as professional and a friend so I took a deep breath and relaxed.

The work she did was very gentle and subtle and only lasted about a minute. I felt my diaphragm drop down and then came tears of relief (quite unexpected). It turns out my uterus was slightly out of alignment which placed some pressure on my bladder causing me to leak when I jumped, ran or coughed. With her magic she encouraged it back to its rightful place and as a result that’s when my diaphragm dropped to where it should be creating an enormous amount of relief through my entire nervous system, hence the tears.

I returned to skipping the next day and voila’ problem solved.

When you think about it, why shouldn’t every single women see a women’s health Physio after giving birth regardless of whether or not you have an incontinence issue or abdominal separation? Your body has just done the most breathtaking and incredible thing and gone through enormous changes to produce a beautiful baby. The internal organs and muscles are definitely not aligned as they once were.

It’s been my mission to tell this story to the world for a while. I talk about it to my female clients and friends whenever appropriate, so that they too don’t hide away thinking “it’s just the way it is” after child birth or are too embarrassed to do anything about it.

It’s not OK to put up with it and there is help.

So I ask you to send this onto your friends and family no matter how old to spread the word that something can done to fix it.

I only needed one session with Liz. It is of course a case by case situation and you may need more. Don’t be put off by that. Go with it and allow your body to change and heal in its own time.

If you are in Sydney email me for Liz’s details. If not then speak to your doctor or ask you existing practitioner for a referral to a women’s health physiotherapist.

Honour yourself and get checked out.

Mel x

Your Whole Body Health is a boutique Pilates Studio located in Terrigal. At Your Whole Body Health, Melissa offers small group classes and privates and duos utilising all of the traditional equipment. Her sessions are suited to all levels and abilities and are personalised for each student that comes through her doors. She believes that everyone should move for joy and work towards improving their present and future movement capabilities, increasing their physical longevity. She also believes it’s so important that we continue to move our bodies in a way that nourishes us on all levels. She teaches meditation and is a running coach which she believes completes the picture of good movement health.


I am married and a mother of two beautiful girls aged 6 and 16. The age gap has taught me many things as a mother and is humbling and rewarding. We moved out of the city almost five years ago in search of a simple less stressful lifestyle and we certainly have that in Pretty Beach. I opened “Your Whole Body Health” a small boutique Pilates studio in October 2017 and haven’t looked back. I absolutely love teaching pre and post natal women so much that I have thought about becoming a doula. at times too. I used to be a dancer which is how I was introduced to Pilates at the age of 15. Below is a link to my professional bio on my website.



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