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The new Nutritionist helping Central Coast families

Jo Kate Nutrition is the new kid on the block when it comes to Nutritionists on the Central Coast. And she is definitely making a splash with her inspiring mission and unmistakable passion. Her signature service is her family meal planning – a lifesaver for mamas wanting to feed the family wholesome foods but aren’t in the headspace to plan it all out. Hell yes to the personalised monthly menu with shopping lists and recipes! Whether you have just fallen pregnant and want to know what to eat to nourish and nurture your bump, are starting your baby on solids and want guidance, or are navigating food allergies in your household – Jo can hold your hand and make the process easy for you.


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What services do you offer at Jo Kate Nutrition?

As a nutritionist I offer consultations, life stage-consultations and create personalised family meal plans. I look at it as being there to help through all stages of life. Whether you have just fallen pregnant and want to know what to eat to nourish your growing bump or are starting the exciting journey of feeding your baby solids, I am here to help guide you through these times. I can also help if your child has been diagnosed with an allergy, intolerance or other ailment. It can be a tricky time of readjusting their diet so having the help from a professional can be a relief. The family meal plans are a lifesaver for anyone who wants to feed their family wholesome food but either doesn’t know where to start or don’t have the headspace to plan it all out. I provide a personalised monthly menu with shopping lists and recipes.

What inspired you to start your business?

I have always had an interest in health, which kept on growing, especially once my first child started solids. I realised that I held the power to give him the best start and to nourish his growing body. I began experimenting with healthier cooking and never looked back. The following year I started studying, had two more children and finally, after four long years, finished late last year! I love that I can start my business and follow my passions but also be there to pick my son up from school!

Tell us about the process of opening Jo Kate Nutrition.

It has taken a few months of preparation to get the business to launching point. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, especially with the content for the website and all of the other paper work that needs to be done

What is your most popular service?

With the pace of life being so busy these days, I think the Family Meal Plans will be popular. Knowing that you can have nutritionist approved plans at your fingertips would relieve a lot of pressure when it comes to feeding your family.

How does your business help or cater to mums and their families?

As a Mum of young children myself, I completely understand how much of an exhausting and challenging time it is! Often, we as mums get put last and our health can suffer because of this! I also understand how difficult it can be to encourage your children to eat healthy foods – their little minds can change from day to day about what they want to eat! I am passionate about helping women get to a place of feeling energised and full of life themselves, so they can give the best to their children.

What do you feel makes your offerings different from others?

I try to be a very positive person and would much rather motivate and empower people towards what they can achieve and how they can become the best version of themselves, rather than using fear or scare tactics as the driving force. I have been to nutritionists before who have felt very judgemental and quick to jump on if I made a mistake or didn’t follow the treatment plan to a T. It left me feeling like a failure. I understand how difficult it is for people to change lifelong habits and how the process should start out gently. I take great joy in seeing my clients get on board with their health and start seeing real results come from a place of pure motivation.

Describe how you feel when a customer engages with your services.

I feel super honoured that I get to do this as a job! I love engaging with people and hope to inspire them towards a healthier life.

What’s something about your business that people may not know?

I think the biggest assumption is that nutritionists eat healthy ALL the time. Well, I’m sure some do. But me? No. I have a very realistic view on nutrition and just like everyone else, during times of stress and pressure, the thought of what to feed my family can leave me feeling overwhelmed. I think that if you are eating healthy MOST of the time, an occasional connoisseur ice cream or slice of cake won’t do any harm.

What are you most proud of in your business journey so far?

To be honest, the fact that I managed to get through my 4-year course while firstly having a toddler and then two more children over the years sometimes baffles me. It took a lot of late nights and amazing support from my husband and I am so proud I finished it and am now following my dreams!

What do you love most about your business?

I love the flexibility it gives me. I still have two of my children at home with me for most of the week so being able to work from home is a dream. Don’t get me wrong though, this definitely comes with its challenges. I don’t think I have ever been so productive during my daughter’s nap than I am now!

What’s next for your business?

At the moment I want to focus on building up my client base and refining some of my services. Once I feel on top of that, I want to start planning some workshops.

What is your favourite thing to do when you get some alone time?        

Depends what mood I am in. It could be sitting or walking along the beach if I am in need of peace and quiet or going to a cafe or shopping centre if I require some adult conversation and want to be around people!


I have been married for 10 years this November to my high school sweetheart! We have three beautiful young children who keep us on our toes, but we couldn’t imagine life without them! Sunset family walks on the beach are our favourite thing to do, it refreshes us and puts the exhaustion of raising young kids back into perspective. There is something so magical about watching your children run freely on the sand during golden hour! We also love getting out and about on the weekend and exploring new parts of the coast. Some of our favourite places are Somersby Falls, Brooklyn and Bouddi National Park. My biggest hobby is cooking. It is so therapeutic and coming up with new dishes brings me so much joy.



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